Saturday, March 27, 2010

Trip to Chile

My trip to Chile gave me many new opportunities to meet interesting people. One trip involved traveling by boat up the coast of Chile to an island. This captain had such an interesting face that I just had to paint him. I initially used watercolor on canvas but felt like I could not capture the cragginess of his face with watercolor so I used acrylic over top of the watercolor. I am not sure that it made a difference in the end product but I felt like I accomplished the feeling I was aiming for. In addition, I have some photos of his crew

members that I want to capture in paint. These men were involved in taking care of the boat, pulling in the lines, securing the boat, helping the tourists aboard and generally getting us ready to push off. I enjoy painting people who are actively involved in their work. I am always looking for people who are involved with other
people ...interacting with others and with whatever feelings they may portray. It is hard to capture people like this either in sketch or by photo because so much is happening so quickly but it is worth the time and effort. The face, figure, emotions and the connections between people are my main focus. Am I getting it? Let me know! Donna

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Acrylic on Canvas

Donna Inkster is a watercolor/acrylic artist who lives in Decatur, Georgia. Visit Donna's Gallery to see more of Donna's work.